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3 tips of wearing kimono beautifully

There are 3 tips.

When you get them, you’ll be a quick learner!

Are you still saying,

“I’ve heard that putting on kimono is very difficult.”

“I wonder I can put on kimono by myself…”?

Don’t worry. No problem!


Three tips

  1. Know the structure of yukata and your size.
  2. Know the roles of kimono accessories.
  3. Use effectively your hands and fingers as tools and know the meanings of those movements.


There are 3 keywords of putting kimono on.


Pull – Wrap – Tie


They are important in putting on kimono. You will understand the meaning by repeatedly practice. Please keep them in mind.

Okay then, look in detail.


Know the structure of kimono

Kimono has a simple shape consisting of some rectangles, such as the front, back and sleeves. There are no zippers and buttons, because we use a sash belt and strings.

It is just like wrapping your body with one sheet of cloth.

By knowing the structure of the kimono, you can gradually know your own size.



the front of kimono



the back of kimono

“semitake” = “kitake” + 25cm = approximately your height

*25 cm or the length of your hand is enough to have “ohashori” tuck for you.



Know your own size

To know your own size is also important. Kimono fitting you doesn’t have much extra cloth. So you can put it on easily and wear it beautifully.


How to measure “yuki”

measurements yukiMeasure from the center of the neck via the shoulder to the wrist, 1 – 2 – 3 in order. Try to measure both sides. If there is a difference, the average value is adopted.


Fill out your own sizes. 

your sizes


Kimono dress makers can calculate your kimono size from those measures.

If there is a part of the size that is larger than the waist circumference, that will take precedence.

Please use it as a reference when choosing a ready-made yukata.


Sizes of Ready-made yukata (cm)
S M L ~LL 3L~4L 5L-6L 7L~8L 9L-11L
height 150~155 155~160 160~165 167 169 171 173
shoulder+sleeve width 61.5~62.5 64.0~65.0 66.0~67.0 70.0 71.0 72.0 74.5
back width 28.5 29.5 30.0 32 35 37 38
front width 23.0~ 24.0~ 25.0~ 28.5~ 31.0~ 33.5~ 36.0~
hip 92.0~ 94.0~ 96.0~ ~110 ~120

* The size of the ready-made product varies slightly depending on the manufacturer.


Know the roles of kimono accessories

The followings are kimono accessories in need when you put on yukata by yourself.

  • underwear
  • 3  strings for “koshihimo”, “munahimo” and “karihimo”
  • datejime under sash / belt
  • obi-ita board
  • 2 towels
  • one clip

 Plus yukata and obi.

Refer to : Select a favorite yukata



Use your hands and fingers as tools and know the meanings of those movements

At first watch carefully my hands’ movement, such as the hand direction, how to press, how to use fingers etc.

Please do as I do.

The attitude to put on, such as how to stand is also important.

I will explain in detail in posts of “How to put on yukata” and “How to tie a half-width obi.”


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