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Asakusa kimono town

My friend and I were at a rental kimono shop in Asakusa.

The Asakusa town is the hottest tourist destination in Tokyo.

We had a yukata experience.

I did not request because I wanted to have experience as a customer for research.

But I was excited.

Let’s see our back style.


Back style in "yukata"
We got dressed for young. The shapes of obi are too pretty?


This shop is newly open.

That’s why new yukata was available at a campaign price.

I liked kind staff, a cozy place and good shop’s name “ichigoichie”

which means “Every encounter is once in your lifetime. So it should be cherished.”

We really had a good time.


After that we enjoyed activities in Asakusa.

at Sensouji temple
Upper left : I drew “omikuji” fortune. Sensoji temple is the temple where the “bad” comes out most. Bottom left : I got “kichi” a good luck! Upper right : Asakusa is also crowded with tourists everyday. Bottom right: Flying dragon reappears (lol)


“Yukata” is cool! I knew!

If I wore a summer kimono, I might have been sweaty.

Although the heat returns and the sun is strong, Asakusa is crowded.

Do not forget the measures to protect heat and sun!

I drew “omikuji” as “kichi”, and the clouds of flying dragon came out again.

My wish will come true?

While tempted by the shops I want to enter and what I want to eat,

We headed for the entertainment hall of Asakusa.


Asakusa Engei Hall
Upper left: Asakusa entertainment hall bottom left: I wear sunglasses because of bright light Right: There is a signboard of a performer who contributed to Asakusa on the way to the hall. One of them is reserved by Takeshi Kitano. It is still without his photo.


When you go wearing “yukata”, the admission fee 2,800 yen discounts 500 yen!

It is a yukata campaign!

 You cannot re-enter but you can eat and drink in the hall.

I bought sushi for lunch and ate while watching performances,

such as “rakugo” or funny stories, magic shows, juggling and Japanese traditional songs.

I enjoyed the entertainment for several hours.

I want to come again.


Sky tree, beer building and Fireball
It is the scenery of Asakusa shining in the sunset. A fun day ends.


See you next on a kimono shop tour!



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