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Padding for wearing kimono

Why do you adjust the body line?

Why do you make the body flat by using padding?

This is because we need to make the body line look straight.

Why do you do so?

Look beautiful!

Kimono has no buttons and zippers. When putting on it, we just use a few strings and an obi sash. In addition, kimono looks like one sheet of fabric. It isn’t elastic.

Therefore, having even surface on the body is good for wearing kimono.

You can put on it easily and you look beautiful.


It is the same as corsets and girdles to make the body lines look good, however, they make curvy lines.


In kimono, making the body lines look straight is needed.

Another positive point of padding is to be a cushion to prevent from strings’ digging into the body.

When wearing kimono for formal occasions, I would like to dress up perfectly, but I usually want to wear casual kimono and yukata relaxed.

It is recommended to use padding if necessary.



Do I need to adjust my body lines?

Where are the dents and bumps on the body?

Pink parts are dents where should be added pads. Blue parts are bumps where should be flattened.



adjustment 02

Also pink parts are dents where should be added pads.



adjustment 03

This is an ideal body line for wearing kimono!



At first, adjust with underwear

For bust, there is a brassiere called “wasou brassiere”.

It is helpful to wear kimono and easy to smooth your bust line.

You can get one online.

Also “susoyoke” plays a role of padding and a girdle.

Refer to : Underwear for kimono and yukata

Wasou bra and susoyoke
The upper is “wasou” bra. The lower is “susoyoke”, a wrapped petticoat.



How to fold towels for padding

When wearing yukata, padding is required on at last the waist and back.


how to fold towels for padding

a. Put the first towel sideways.

b. Fold into half.

c. Put the second towel sideways.

d. Fold both ends toward the center. The center opens a little.

e. Fold it into half.

f. Put b. on top so that the lower end of e.

g. Fold down the top part of the e. Pinch the folded “wa” part with a clip.



How to put on towels as padding 

  • Do not tighten the strings, but just fit the body.
  • When putting on the string, be sure to pass it over the towels.
  • Please be careful not to make the waist too thick, so use white thin towels.



Padding for the decollete part

Padding for decollete

Use a pad or cotton for the dents.

In the photo, the pad is attached with a double-sided tape.

In the case of self-dressing, it is difficult to put the towel on, because it absolutely slips off.



Padding for the underbust

Fold a mini towel into a triangle and put it in the dent of the chest to make it even.



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