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Kimono accessories

Accessories needed for kimono

“Kanzashi” is great!

Have you ever worn “kanzashi” or a Japanese traditional hair accessory? Recently I’ve got a good one.  I’m growing my hair now, but it is still short. BUT! By using “kanzashi” or a hair stick, my hair can be up style! Amazing! I don’t need any hair pins or hair bands. However I need to apply hair wax to my hair overall and some perm. I need a few conditions, but I was impressed that! Before…   After!   See? It is really nice! Applying more hair spray is good to […]

Kimono accessories

Kimono needs many accessories because it doesn’t have any zippers and buttons. Usually use strings, sashes, and belts. Kimono accessories have unique names. So I’ll show you what they are. Obi-makura obi-makura : obi pad / pad for obi This is obi-makura. It is a pad for keeping the obi shape on the back. This is obi-makura, a pad for obi to keep the shape of your obi beautiful.  When you have “otaiko-musubi”, you need it.     Obi-ita obi-ita : obi-ita board This is one of the accessories for […]

>Decorate the front of obi

Decorate the front of obi

Maikichikimono's videos were published. How to tie and decorate yukata obi.