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All about kimono : from preparation to how to put it on

How to tie “nijutaiko”

Thanks for your requests. Let’s tie “nijutaiko” as reading the following out loud! Refer to Names of the kimono appearance Refer to Kimono accessories      How to tie “nijutaiko”, a double layered obi shape “te-saki“, the folded edge “tare-saki“, the wide edge / the tail of “tare-saki“ “tare-moto“, the root of “tare“     Take “te-saki” or the folded edge and put it on the shoulder. *This obi is a little bit long,  so I took it longer than as usual.     Wrap the obi once.       Pull the obi on the back […]

A walking picture

Have you ever seen kimono like this? This is one of the semi-formal kimono types called houmon-gi. The pattern looks like one picture on a canvas. You can see whole picture by sewing temporarily.

>Decorate the front of obi

Decorate the front of obi

Maikichikimono's videos were published. How to tie and decorate yukata obi.