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Wear kimono

How to put on 3 types of kimono

3 tips of wearing kimono beautifully

There are 3 tips. When you get them, you’ll be a quick learner! Are you still saying, “I’ve heard that putting on kimono is very difficult.” “I wonder I can put on kimono by myself…”? Don’t worry. No problem!

Check your appearance wearing kimono

Let’s look at the mirror. Take your time to check your appearance after wearing.   Checking each part Please check the following list. They are very important. Collar’ s position Around the chest “Ohashori” tuck Hemline Position of “otaiko” patterns Entire appearance Especially “ohashori” tuck is good, everyone thinks you are a master of kimono! Refer to : Names of the kimono appearance     “Yukata” appearance Now, look at “yukata” appearance.   Those blue stars ★ are movable according to your body size.       The detailed check for […]

How to put on yukata part 2 :  from straighten “ohashori” to putting on “obiita”

maikichi Are you ready to the next step? Okay, get started!   Make sure your collar ends 1. Leave the collar end more than 3 cm on the right.    maikichi The collar end in this photo is 5 ~ 7 cm. If you have a much longer one, tie the “koshihimo” string lower. Some recycled kimonos sometimes have a long collar. It’s awkward if it comes out too long.   2. Carefully pull out the collar end above the “koshihimo” string so as “shitamae” or the right lower body not to get loose.   maikichi […]

How to put on yukata part 1 : from putting on “yukata” to tying “koshihimo”

maikichi Hi, yukata lovers! I’m Maikichi, kimono instructor. I’ll show you how to put on yukata. Are you ready? Let’s do it!!   Put yukata on and adjust the back center   maikichi Stand straight with your feet together and look straight ahead. Don’t move your upper body as possible as you can.   1. Put yukata on, and put the arms through.   2. Match the short lines on the collar together.   3. Pinch the back seam, and align it with your back center. Open a wide space at the nape. That’s “Emon-wo-nuku.” […]

Padding for wearing kimono

Why do you adjust the body line? Why do you make the body flat by using padding? This is because we need to make the body line look straight. Why do you do so? Look beautiful! Kimono has no buttons and zippers. When putting on it, we just use a few strings and an obi sash. In addition, kimono looks like one sheet of fabric. It isn’t elastic. Therefore, having even surface on the body is good for wearing kimono. You can put on it easily and you look beautiful.   It is […]

Underwear for kimono and yukata

Select better underwear for you When you get right underwear, you can make an ideal foundation for your kimono appearance. I usually wear functional underwear. I select them depending on the temperature. They are very useful. If you have sensitive skin, please use ones made of natural materials. Select better undergarments for you. The following is the list of underwear for kimono.     Be sure to choose a wide-necked upper underwear.  If not so,  people can see it, and your charms will be reduced. The beauty around the neck is […]

Preparation for wearing yukata : stacking up everything

The first thing is preparation. It is very important because yukata has many accessories. Place yukata, obi and accessories in order to wear, and you can put on them smoothly.   Things you prepare underwear towels/padding 3 strings yukata datejime belt obiita board half obi sash (suitable for yukata) Refer to : Select a favorite yukata   Stacking up everything Before stacking up, fold all things neatly so as to take them easily. Details of temporary fold At first, you temporarily fold the yukata.   It’s very easy. Take a closer look […]

Names of the kimono appearance

Names of kimono’s parts are very unique. “Kanji” characters are difficult to read. This time Maikichi translated them. It was hard work but fun! Anyway, please look at the following images. They are used often when you take kimono lessons called “okeiko”. If you learn them before the lessons, you can smoothly put on kimono by yourself.

>Decorate the front of obi

Decorate the front of obi

Maikichikimono's videos were published. How to tie and decorate yukata obi.