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Check your appearance wearing kimono

Let’s look at the mirror.
Take your time to check your appearance after wearing.


Checking each part

Please check the following list. They are very important.

  1. Collar’ s position
  2. Around the chest
  3. “Ohashori” tuck
  4. Hemline
  5. Position of “otaiko” patterns
  6. Entire appearance

Especially “ohashori” tuck is good, everyone thinks you are a master of kimono!

Refer to : Names of the kimono appearance



“Yukata” appearance

Now, look at “yukata” appearance.

yukata appearance


Those blue stars ★ are movable according to your body size.




The detailed check for wearing kimono beautifully

Please look at the table for a detailed check.

Let’s print it out!

If you have some problems, fill out the solutions…or contact me ^-^


Items     Points to be checked Solutions Reference
Kimono   a Is the back center in position?
  b Is the intersection point of the collar suitable?
  c Is the width of “haneri” collar suitable?
  d Is the space of “emon” suitable?
  e Can’t you see “haneri” collar from the back?
  f Is the length of “ohashori” is ideal for you?
  g Is the line of “ohashori” straight?
  h Is “ohashori” thick?
  i Did you remove wrinkles on the back?
  j Did you remove wrinkles around the chest?
  k Is “okumi” line in position?
  l Can you see the upper and lower “okumi” lines connected?
  m Is the hemline suitable for you?
  n Is “tsumasaki” corner above the hemline? 
  o Is your hemline narrower than the hip line?
Obi   p Are your shape and patterns making a good harmony?
Entire   q Is the whole balance good looking away from the mirror?
r Are intersection point of the collar, the knot of “obiage” cloth and “obijime” cord in a row on the front center?
s Did you remove clips?


Don’t worry! You can do it step by step!!



>Decorate the front of obi

Decorate the front of obi

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