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Decorate the front of obi

Simply tying obi  is good.

Sometimes I really want to tie it more decorative. The mind of “kitsuke-shi” or a kimono dresser makes me creative.

How about you?

This time I’ll show you how to decorate the front of obi to  dress yourself and someone.

Let’s try!


Basic twists

Things you need are : 1 obi, 1 clip

Try this to yourself!  Just twist the tucks.


Take the length

1. Take the arm length.


Make a triangle

2. Make a triangle.


Clip it on the obiita board.

3. Clip it on the obiita board and put the short end on the shoulder.


 Wrap the obi once and tighten it.

4. Wrap the obi once and tighten it.


5. Make two tucks.


Turn the tucked part half

6. Turn the tucked part half to show the other color. and clip it again.


Extend the tucks

7. Extend the tuck length as long as possible.


Bring the tuck to the back

8. Bring the tucked part to the back.


Turn it half twice.

9. Turn it half twice. 


Slide it aside

10. Take the clip away. Holding the tucked part, take the short end off and slide it aside a little.


Put the tucked part on the short one.

11. Put the tucked part on the short one.


Make a knot.

12. Make a knot.


Rotate the knot

13. Rotate the knot not to get loose.


Make a bow tie.

14. Make a bow tie.


15. Go on.


Made the bow tie.

16. Made the bow tie.


Make a tuck

17. Make a tuck at the end.


Wrap the knot.

18. Wrap the knot.


Make the obi beautiful

19. Open the bow and make the obi beautiful. 


Turn the obi 180 degrees

20. Hold the knot and the obiita board. Put your belly inside and turn the obi clockwise 180 degrees.


Open the both sides.

21. Open the tucks on both sides.



22.  Okay, finished! Well done!


Obi styles

Obi shapes should always look beautiful from tree directions.

Watch this video again!

Decorate the front of obi


Basic twists showing another color

When you show the same color as the first wrapping, you shouldn’t turn the tucked part. Please refer to no.6.



A flower decoration

This is a technique to dress someone.

Things you need are : 1 long obi, 1 decorative cord, 3 rubber bands,3clips

Put  the 3 rubber bands on your wrist.

*Maikichi recommends transparent latex rubber bands. 


Decorate the front of obi with a flower

You can watch this video “How to decorate with a flower” on YouTube.


The other color.

Example : This one is used a regular length obi. There are two petals. It is small but kawaii! When you tuck in different ways, you can make various flowers.


If you use a longer obi, you can create different flowers.

In crowded events etc., it is also necessary to reinforce decorations using a cord etc. so that a shape may not collapse.


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>Decorate the front of obi

Decorate the front of obi

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