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Experience of kimono and sado in Tokyo 1

On this day a newlyweds visited a tea room for this program from the U.S.A.

They wear kimono and hakama before the tea ceremony.

The back style of obi
Just dressed in “frisode”. Enjoy a wonderful experience. Find a new you!

I dressed “furisode” to the wife and do her hair up.

I had 45 minutes for all. it’s a little bit tight.

During dressing, I was talk about what kimono is and Japanese culture.

Kimono instructors and tea masters are National Government Licensed Guide Interpreters.

It is the big difference between general dressers and tour guides who can dress kimono to visitors.

I really like to see smiling visitors with their satisfaction.

I’m so happy.

The newlyweds liked Japanese culture.

They researched well about it. That’s why they enjoyed a lot.

Our staff, too.

180226 guests and staff menbers
We said “say sushi!” and took a photo. We had a good time. Big smiles are showing it.

Thank you for joining this program!

We hope they had a good time in Japan.

*To all, thank you so much for your acceptance of photograph posting.

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