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Experience of kimono and sado in Tokyo 3

Today’s participants were from the US.

They were positive to enjoy this experience.

It was just like “joshi-kai” or a kitty party.*

“Wearing kimono makes me feel like a princess.”

All women from overseas who want to wear “furisode” say so.*

That’s right!

You are all princesses.

Only unmarried women of samurai and rich families used to wear “furisode” in the Edo period.*

Any way, they really enjoyed dressing “furisode” and doing their hair despite of taking a long time

because it was the first time for them.

We were happy with watching them.

kimono and tea 3
Left : “How is my tea?” “I like this!” Upper right : She is scooping hot water. Bottom right : She is whisking green powdered “matcha” tea.

The next experience was a tea ceremony.

It was also the first time for them.

But they were quick learners. They can did well!

all guests in "furisode"
After the tea ceremony, took a photo of all ladies. They gave us best smiles!! Thank you!

Kimono was getting loose? No problem!

The incredible experience made them happy!

Please come to Japan again.

We look forward to!

*Thank you so much for your acceptance of photograph posting.

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*joshi-kai” is a party or activity that only girls enjoy.

*furisode” is a kind of kimono with long sleeves for single women.

They wear it in ceremonies especially on “seijin-shiki” or Coming-of-age day.

*the Edo period :  So called the samurai period that “shogun” governed the nation with his feudal power.

Also domestic culture flourished, such as kabuki, ukiyo-e, sumo…they are base of the present culture.

The period lasted from 1603 to 1868.

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