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A fabric changes into kimono

When you bought a roll of fabric called “tanmono“,

let’s put it on a torso like wearing kimono.

You can see how it looks when it comes to kimono.

Now I’ll show you the easiest way.


  • a roll of kimono fabric
  • an obi-ita with a belt (It is all right without it.)
  • 2 strings
  • 6 clips

I recommend “komon” repeating patterns or “iromuji” no patterns.

you can freely put it on without thinking of the patterns’ positions.


accessories for dressing


Under wear and “haneri”collar

undewear and haneri collar

Put a “biyoueri” collar (photo)  or “juban” undergarment on a torso.

Now you’re ready to form kimono.



making a collar 1

Make a collar on the front inside panel called “shita-mae“.

Fold the edge of the cloth inside about 2 centimeters.

Pinch “erikata-aki” on the collar. (1)


making a collar2

Tuck it inside at 5 cm width.


the upper right panel is set

You made one collar on the “shita-mae“.

Please hold it temporarily with a clip or string so as not to come off.


upper panels are set

Make the other collar as you did the first one.

Secure it with a string called “koshi-himo“.


the back

Have a look at the back.


The lower front body

the length of the front panel

Straighten the fabric and make the lower front body.



take the length of the front panel

Take the double length from the “koshi-himo”string to the floor and add about 35 centimeters. (Look at the upper photo.)


Ohashori” tuck

take the length of front panel

Set the hem line close to the floor and lift the cloth to the bust line.


2nd string is set

Secure the cloth with a string and make a tuck like”ohashori“.


2nd string is set

Fold the tuck down like “ohashori“.


panels are set

Put obi-ita on.




Make the right sleeve.

Take the double length from the shoulder to the under line of the “ohashori” tuck via the bust top position.


pinch the sleeve and fabric

Pinch the edge of the sleeve and the extra fabric at the back not to come off. (4) (5)


the right sleeve is set


You made the right sleeve.



all parts are set


Do the same thing to the left sleeve.




Positions of the clips

There are 5 positions pinched with clips.

Pinch the sleeve and the extra fabric at the back. (3)

(4) and (5) are inside.


Obi and accessories

Wrap your favorite obi. 

Clip the obi at the back.

If you have “obiage” cloth and “obijime” cord, put them on.

Okay, it is finished.

Good job!

This practice will brush up on your kimono coordination.

Try this!

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