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Are you “geisha”?

Maiko and geiko
“Maiko” and “geigi(geiko)” are Japanese beauties. “Geigi” and “geisha” are the same. “Geisha is called “geigi” in Kyoto.


A European college girl asked me in a program of the experiencing kimono.

“Are you “geisha”?

and continued “Because you wear “kimono“.” then smiled.

For a second, some question marks popped up above my head

but I soon realized that she thought all kimono-clad women are “geisha.”

I felt so sorry, that was a great expectation.

-These days you can only see a few kimono people who engage in Japanese culture.

Few Japanese can see “geisha”.

Then I replied “Unfortunately, I’m just a kimono instructor.”

Did I look like “geisha”?

That was about two years ago.

“Speaking of impressions of Japan, they are Fujiyama, Sukiyaki, Geisha!”

“When we visit Japan, we can see Samurai and Ninja!!”

Some people thought so until several years ago.

Some believed that all Japanese wear kimono as everyday clothes.”

I like that, but the real life has changed.


Recently World Wide Web has become like a staple food and Japanese have been active in Hollywood and Major League Baseball.

We can get news instantly from overseas and easily exchange information online.

So I think Japanese culture has spread correctly to the world.

That’s why we have to do more!

Post and share more Kimono culture!


*”Geisha” is a female entertainer who is talented in performances, such as singing Japanese traditional songs “kouta”, playing a guitar-like “shamisen”, Japanese dance. Guests enjoy having a fun conversation and playing traditional games with her at a party venue.




Geisha is the professional who gives you “O.MO.TE.NA.SHI” or Japanese style hospitality.

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