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How to tie “nijutaiko”

Thanks for your requests.

Let’s tie “nijutaiko” as reading the following out loud!

”Same-komon” or shark skin patterns is one of the “edo-komon” patterns and “share-fukuro-obi” a long obi for casual scenes.

Refer to Names of the kimono appearance

Refer to Kimono accessories 



How to tie “nijutaiko”, a double layered obi shape

“te-saki“, the folded edge

“tare-saki“, the wide edge / the tail of “tare-saki

tare-moto“, the root of “tare



te-saki" on the shoulder

Take “te-saki” or the folded edge and put it on the shoulder.

*This obi is a little bit long,  so I took it longer than as usual.



Wrap the obi once

Wrap the obi once.




Pull the obi down

Pull the obi on the back down to the lower line.




Pull the other obi outward

Pull the other obi outward at the same time.




Widen the width

Widen the width of the obi if you need.




Wrap the obi again

Wrap the obi again and pull it outward.




Wrap the obi again and pull it outward.

Place the folded edge to the back.




Slide it to the right.

Slide it to the right.




Put it back

Put it back to the left a little.

Hold it at the lower line and pull the obi outward again.



Put it back to the left a little. Hold it at the lower line and pull the other obi outward again.

Fold both roots of “te” and “tare” up.




 Put them up

Put them up onto the upper line.




Hold it there by tying a string.

Hold it there by tying a string.



take "te-saki"

Take “te-saki” the folded edge and put it  to the front.

If the folded edge is a little bit longer, you can put it to the opposite side.




make it shorter

Here! It became shorter.



Put the folded edge in

Tuck the folded edge between the obi and the body.



Open the root

Open the root of “tare” on the back.




Make a triangle

Make a triangle at the wide edge.



Place a pad

Place a pad for obi there.

Cover the pad with “obiage” or a decorative cloth beforehand.


Refer to Matching patterns of “nijutaiko”

make a double layer

Open the triangle and make a double layer over the pad.



Straighten the obi

Straighten the obi between the root of “tare” and  the double layer.



Hold the pad

Hold the pad and the obi firmly.



Put it all

Place it all onto the back.



Tie the string

Tie the string of the pad firmly in front of you.

If you feel tight, you push the string forward and put it inside the obi.




Tie the obiage temporarily.

Tie the obiage temporarily.




take off the string

Take  the string off.




make "otaiko"

Make a “otaiko” shape with the string and tie it firmly in front.



put "te-saki" into "otaiko"

Take the folded edge and put it inside the otaiko.



tie "obijime" firmly

Hold the obi tightly with an “obijime” cord.



tie and straighten "obiage"

Take the string  off and make a bow tie with the obiage cloth.





Tuck the ends of the cloth inside.



finished "otaiko"

Finally make sure your “otaiko” shape.


Are you finished?

You did well?



There are more tips for tying “nijuutaiko” beautifully.

Feel free to ask me! 


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