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“Kanzashi” is great!

Have you ever worn “kanzashi” or a Japanese traditional hair accessory?

Recently I’ve got a good one.

 I’m growing my hair now, but it is still short.


By using “kanzashi” or a hair stick, my hair can be up style!


I don’t need any hair pins or hair bands.

However I need to apply hair wax to my hair overall and some perm.

I need a few conditions, but I was impressed that!







See? It is really nice!

Applying more hair spray is good to keep it.

Here is how to wear “kanzashi”.


make a pony tail

Apply hair wax to your hair, make a pony tail and twist the tail.


put a stick through

Put a stick through.

put the tail aside

Put the tail aside.


rotate the kanzashi

Turn the “kanzashi” about 90 degrees.

The tip of the “kanzashi” is on the tail.


rotate the kanzashi

Turn the “kanzashi” further downward.

Stand the head of the “kanzashi”, move it along the yellow and red lines.

At the same time…..

With the tip of the “kanzashi”, catch the tail and push it inside.

 put the kanzashi through

Depending on the situation, it’s okay to push it inside from the side or from the bottom. 

 put the kanzashi through deeply

Insert it deeply and firmly.




I bought this at a “kanzashi” specialty shop in Asakusa.


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