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Preparation for wearing yukata : stacking up everything

The first thing is preparation. It is very important because yukata has many accessories.

Place yukata, obi and accessories in order to wear, and you can put on them smoothly.


Things you prepare

  • underwear
  • towels/padding
  • 3 strings
  • yukata
  • datejime belt
  • obiita board
  • half obi sash (suitable for yukata)

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Stacking up everything

Before stacking up, fold all things neatly so as to take them easily.

Details of temporary fold

At first, you temporarily fold the yukata.

Temporary folding


It’s very easy. Take a closer look at how to fold yukata temporarily.

Temporary fold

The order of stacking up

Put everything in a shallow box or on a wrapping cloth “furoshiki“.

From the top,

underwear, towels/padding, 1 string, yukata, 2 strings, datejime belt, obiita board, obi sash.

Put a clip aside. Also you can put strings aside.

Yukata preparation


Put them in order.

The underwear is on the topmost.


Stacking up everything


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Are you ready? The next step is putting on yukata!

>Decorate the front of obi

Decorate the front of obi

Maikichikimono's videos were published. How to tie and decorate yukata obi.