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Put on “furisode” by yourself


"Furisode" by yourself
My student worn it beautifully. It was the first time! She became a professional dresser.


Can I put on “furisode” by myself?

Yes, you can!

I thought that I needed a kimono dresser.

That’s correct, too!

Imperial and samurai families used to be dressed by “emon-kata” or people who dress them in accordance with the dress code.

This photo is the first time for her that she put on “frisode” by herself.

She stepped up from wearing a casual kimono to formal kimono, then she tried the most formal kimono for unmarried women “furisode“.

Finally she mastered kimono wearing.


handy pad
“kairyou-makura” or a handy pad is useful to tie many varieties of obi shapes when you put on kimono alone.


She used a handy pad to keep an obi shape beautifully.

Make the obi shape of  “fukura-suzume” or “a puffed sparrow” and place it higher on the back.


I couldn’t take selfies. That’s why I used a kimono body.

You can tie a “bunko” obi shape.

The most important point is to set the bow higher on your back.

The twisted knot will be a table of the bow and pad.

Tie all strings on the obi at the back. (If not so, you can’t turn the obi.)

Turn the obi clockwise 180 degrees to the back and tie the strings again firmly to keep the bow higher.

An obi belt
A long obi plate is good for “maemusubi” or tying an obi in front, which can be slid smoothly with obi.


Please turn the obi slowly and carefully. I recommend a obi plate like this.

It’s really hard, but I’m trying to tie a diffrent obi shape.

Why don’t you try it on?

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