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hanhaba obi

How to tie yukata obi “weeping cherry”

maikichi “Hanhaba-obi”, or a half-width obi is very easy to handle. It has a large variety of ways to tie. Now, I’ll show you how to tie “weeping cherry. It’s the easiest way to tie obi  for yukata and kimono. This time we use a 3.5m half-width obi. I’m right handed. If you are left handed, all directions of obi are opposite. Let’s get started!   Take the length from an obi end 1. Take the length from the hand to the front center. When you use a longer obi, take it more.    […]

Select a favorite yukata

Hi ladies, it’s about time to prepare yukata! In Japan, hot days will come soon. Have you ever been to Japan in summer? Summer in Japan is very hot and humid because it has much rain which the rainy season and typhoons bring. Yukata is made of cotton. Cotton absolve your perspiration well. Recently, various kinds of patterns, colors and sizes have increased in yukata. Yes, yukata has become one of the popular summer fashion items.   Select a favorite yukata Get the right sized yukata for you. When you pick one, you […]

>Decorate the front of obi

Decorate the front of obi

Maikichikimono's videos were published. How to tie and decorate yukata obi.