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Tips for keeping your yukata neat

When you walk wearing “yukata” in crowded places, such as fireworks and summer festivals, you might get in trouble. That’s kikuzure“(getting loose)

They are…

“The collar got apart!”

“The hem line got lower!”

“The obi got loose!”

The other is

“Your “yukata” is see-through because of sweating.”

Please be careful when you wear a pale colored “yukata“.

An under wear is must.

So I’ll show you how to keep your “yukata” neat.

There are some tips.

Now, let’s solve the problems.


The collar got apart!

The first one is “The collar got apart!”

fix the collar

Pull the circles to both sides horizontally at the same time.

Don’t pull them down.


fix the back

And pull “ohashori” or the back tuck downward at the same time.

If you need, pull the back seam and get rid of vertical wrinkles on the back.


The hem line got lower!

The second is “The hem line got lower!”

It often happens  when you are going up stairs.

straighten lower yukata

Hold around the white circle in the upper picture and pull there horizontally.


straighten yukata

Get back the hem line to proper place and hold it by the other hand,

Put the fabric into under the obi.

 Set the edge of the collar as you can see it at least a inch.

Finally straighten “ohashori” or the front tuck.


By the way, is your lower panel in position?

Is your “eri-saki” or the edge of the collar above the string?

You must do it not to loose the lower panel.



The obi got loose!

The last one is “The obi got loose!”

bowing a bow tie

The obi gets loose and the bow tie bows at the same time.


a small towel

Here is a small towel.


a small towel rolled up

Roll it up.


put the towel in

Put it vertically between the obi and the body.

If the former is difficult for you, fold the towel into flat and put it between the obi and the body.



Lastly you just straighten “ohashori” or the back tuck and wrinkles on the back.


As prior measures…

Did you wrap a towel around your waist?

It is good for keeping the obi in place. Also the towel absorbs sweat.

Using “obijime” cord is good for keeping the obi firmly.

I recommend you go out with a string and small clip.

So you’ve got the tips?


You don’t have to worry about “kikuzure” or getting loose.


Probably there are many volunteers at big summer festivals.

they are stationing at a special booth to help you and your “yukata“.

If you are lucky, you might see “onaoshi-obasan” or a woman who is very kind and extremely eager to straighten your “yukata””.





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