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Underwear for kimono and yukata

Select better underwear for you

When you get right underwear, you can make an ideal foundation for your kimono appearance.

I usually wear functional underwear. I select them depending on the temperature.

They are very useful.

If you have sensitive skin, please use ones made of natural materials.

Select better undergarments for you.

The following is the list of underwear for kimono.


list of undergarments


Be sure to choose a wide-necked upper underwear. 

If not so,  people can see it, and your charms will be reduced.

The beauty around the neck is one of the most attractive points of kimono.


Underwear for the bust

You can use a bra or sport bra with no padding instead of “wasou” bra for kimono.

“Wasou”bra is a functional brassiere to make the bust flat.

Do you know the reason why I say “Use a bra with no padding”?

Making a flat body makes you good look in kimono and easy to wear because Kimono is one sheet of fabric. That’s why you don’t need to be curvy body.


How to put on “yukata” slip

When you visit Japan and go to kimono shops for rent, please remember how to put on “yukata” slip. The slips are used there.

Look at the followings.


Hey ladies, good job!

Is the position of the collar symmetrical?

Pull the sleeves to the wrist side so that the neckline of the underwear does not come from yukata or kimono.


Slip's hole


Almost all customers visiting kimono rental shops don’t know how to put on a yukata slip correctly even Japanese girls.

But it’s very easy to understand because they don’t wear it as daily wear.

Wearing kimono is an exciting event for them…and you?



How to put on “hadajuban”

“Hadajuban doesn’t have any strings! What should I do?”

I often hear the voice like that.



Put on hadajuban and align the back center.

Cover the bust deeply and equally.

Did you? Okay, that’s the just size for you!

Cotton has frictional force. Hadajuban is made of cotton. So you don’t need any string!

Also cotton absorbs perspiration well and makes you feel good. It is also good to keep right position of “nagajuban” undergarment.



If you want to take a wide space at the nape,  you hold the hem of hadajuban (dotted line) with both hands and pull at the same time.

To make the back flat, put a towel or thin pad on the back.



What is susoyoke?

“Susoyoke” is just like a wrapped petticoat mainly to correct the figure and protect the lower body.

The best material for susoyoke is bemberg. 

Bemberg does not generate static electricity even in winter.



How to put on “susoyoke”

These images are slightly strange..but no problem!


Susoyoke around the waist

Let’s look at the photos. Roughly wrapping “susoyoke” is no problem but wrap around the lower belly tightly keeping fabric’s tension. It gives you a good posture.


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