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Sewing yukata : composing Patterns

“Composing Patterns” can be said to be the real pleasure of sewing kimono.

It is interesting but hard work.

This time I tried a patterned “yukata“.

At first I measured my sizes of the height, shoulder, arm and hip.

Calculate the length of each part of “yukata” from those data.

Confirm whether the fabric’s length is sufficient.

Roughly compose the patterns of the roll of the fabric.

 I decided on that.

Then cut!

pulling out the thread
Pull out the thread by cutting the ear of the cloth a little. It is easy to draw heavy yarn and cotton, but others are difficult because they often breaks. Let’s draw it slowly. The way of cutting is unique to Japanese sewing?

cut the cloth
Cut along the drawn thread line.

Compose all parts of “yukata“.

Have a look.

composing patterns after cutting
The impression changes with how to put out patterns on the collar.

All parts are cut off.

The impression of patterns will a little bit different from the finishing because they have margins.

Just look at the composition of “It should be.”

“Which do you like better, many patterns or simple ones?”

I asked myself about the collar.

I chose the simple patterns (the right photo)

because I like the kimono body’s photo of “Sewing yukata : soaking and lining up texture“.

I’ve already finished sewing “yukata”. This is that.

yukata front

The composition of patterns in kimono has the priorities.

1. The upper body on the left panel.

2. The upper panel around 60 centimeters from the hem.

3. The lower part of the back panel.

the back panel

Different compositions give you different impressions.

yukata with obi
Upper left : in front of the upper body. Lower left : The back style wearing a soft obi sash called “heko obi”. Right : The pattern on the left upper body is the most important.

How about your “yukata“?


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