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Sewing yukata : soaking and lining up texture

Here is “men-ro” or an airy cotton fabric woven by reducing threads.

That pattern is the combination of peonies and thin grasses (botan to tsuyushiba).

that’s my favorite.

Okay, let’s soak the fabric!

soaking and drying
Upper left: Confirm whether dye migration will happen. Upper right: The fabric immersed in a tub. Bottom: Hanging on a hanger and drying in the room.

I soaked the fabric for 3 hours.

It was shorter than “Soak yukata before making it”.

When starch on the fabric dissolved and the water became sticky, take it out.

After lightly rinsing with a washing machine, dehydrate within 1 minute.

It will be wet but not dripped

It’s okay to be half dried or completely dried.

It depends on you.

Leave it for 2 or 3 days because it might shrink more.

Before soaking : length 12.49 m width 41.0 cm

After soaking:length 12.40 m width 39.8 cm

The vertical length was shrunken to 9 centimeters .

If you started without soaking, a problem that you have to sew again would happen.

The next step is straightening the fabric.

straighten the fabric
Upper left: Fixate the edge of the fabric with pins. Bottom left: Ironing while winding around the core rod. Upper Right: Straighten the texture and along the line of the fabric.. Bottom right: Use the right angle of “hera-dai” or a plate to mark seam lines.

The distorted texture should be lined up.

Please don’t stretch the shrunken fabric. Then take wrinkles out with steam

Check the entire of the fabric whether it has a scratch or something wrong.

If you find something, mark there with thread.

Hide the something wrong inside when you sew.

a roll of fabric and modeling
Left: The “tanmono” fabric rolled up. Right: Modeling with clips. I wanted to make sure that how it will be. The “heko-obi” or a soft-touched obi is cool!

Please look forward to my new “yukata”!

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