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How to put on yukata part 1 : from putting on “yukata” to tying “koshihimo”


Hi, yukata lovers!

I’m Maikichi, kimono instructor. I’ll show you how to put on yukata.

Are you ready? Let’s do it!!


Put yukata on and adjust the back center


Stand straight with your feet together and look straight ahead. Don’t move your upper body as possible as you can.


1. Put yukata on, and put the arms through.


2. Match the short lines on the collar together.


3. Pinch the back seam, and align it with your back center. Open a wide space at the nape. That’s “Emon-wo-nuku.” in Japanese.



Adjust the hemline


4. Slide the hands along the collar and hold it at the roots of the thighs.


put on yukata 05

5. Open and bring yukata up. 


During adjusting the hemline and the front body, keep the arms’ tension.


put on yukata 06

6. Adjust the hemline around the ankle.



Align the seams of the lower body

During adjusting the lower body position, keep the level of hemline you determined. Move your arms horizontally.

how to put on yukata 07

7. Align the left seam line with your left side.


put on yukata 08

8. Bring the left hand to the right hip bone.  Make sure that the “okumi” line is between the big toe and the next one. If it isn’t there, align the line. In this case, the left side line can be moved. The “okumi” line is priority.


put on yukata 09

9. Open half the left body.


put on yukata 10

10. Bring the right hand to the left hip bone.


put on yukata 11

11. Twist the hand up to rise the tip of the right front corner. 


Push the hand deeply inside toward the back, when covering the body with the lower left body.




put on yukata 12

12. Bring the left hand to the right hip bone and twist the hand up to rise the tip of the left front corner. 


put on yukata 13

13. Holding the collar end firmly, and pull the extra fabric of the right side out.


put on yukata 14

14. Pull the extra fabric out around the waist.


put on yukata 15

15. Smooth the back, too.


Do it carefully. If you do so, you’ll get a beautiful “ohashori”.

Tie a string, “koshihimo”

This “koshihimo” string is the most important because it supports the entire of kimono. Usually you can’t see tying the string, so I tuck the cloth up to see well.

tie a string "koshihimo" 01

16.Take the center of a string. Pass it to the right hand keeping the collar end not to move.


17. Slide the string around the belly button.


18. Cross it on the back.


19. Holding the roots, pull the ends firmly and horizontally.


20.  Pull them again firmly and diagonally.


21. Bring the ends to the front and tie it once.


22. Let go either end between the string and the body. 


23. The string will not get loose when your hands off.


24.Make a knot and tuck the ends in. Always tie a knot aside. 


The ideal slack in the string is about one index finger to enter.


25. Remove wrinkles around the string, sliding your fingers.


Be sure to remove wrinkles. If you don’t do so at that time, you’ll get in trouble with straightening “ohashori”.

Good job, ladies!

Okay, take a break.

To be Continued in part 2 :  from straighten “ohashori” to putting on “obiita”

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